The City of Columbus Call Center provides a way for you, the resident, to submit a request for City Services. The Call Center is the single point of contact for requesting all non-emergency City services and is available to residents, City businesses, and visitors.

The Columbus Call Center is also known as "3-1-1"; its mission is to provide access to City services and City information with the highest possible levels of customer service. The "3-1-1" initiative strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions, manage workloads efficiently, provide insight into the needs of residents, and measure how well services are delivered.

For emergency issues regarding Columbus public utilities, please contact the
Department of Public Utilities directly:
For water emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7788.
For electric emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7627.
For sewer emergencies during non-business hours, call 645-7102.

  • 311 City Service Call Center

    The City of Columbus Call Center provides a way for you, the resident, to submit a request for City Services. The Call Center is the single point of contact for requesting all non-emergency City services and is available to residents, City businesses, and visitors.

  • ADA Coordinator

    The ADA Compliance Office is located in City Hall, 90 W. Broad Street, 1st Floor Policy Office, Columbus, OH 43215. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the ADA Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all programs, services, and activities provided by the City of Columbus are accessible to people with disabilities.

  • City Treasurer's Office

    The Columbus City Treasurer is appointed by the Columbus City Council and is the custodian of all city funds. The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt of all city funds; the disbursement of city funds upon warrant of the City Auditor and Sinking fund, and also payroll checks; the investment of all excess funds not needed for daily operations to earn income for the city and its citizens.

  • Civil Service Commission

    Among many duties and responsibilities, the Civil Service Commission provides an online employment center.

  • Community Relations Commission

    In 1990, Columbus Community Relations Commission was established to help bring civic leaders, business leaders, citizens and elected officials together on issues of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Community Relations Commission Executive Director Napoleon A. Bell II are committed to opening the doors and neighborhoods of Columbus to every family. Through the work of the Community Relations Commission our vision of Building a Community For All can be a reality.

  • Department of Building and Zoning Services

    Provides zoning, inspection services, regulation for contractors and standards for residential and commercial construction.

  • Department of Development

    The Department of Development works with a wide range of citizens in the City - from neighborhood leaders to builders and businesses providing programs and services that facilitate economic opportunity and neighborhood revitalization efforts. The Department consists of Economic Development, Housing, Neighborhood Services, Planning, Downtown Development and the Office Land Redevelopment. From code enforcement, rehabilitation assistance and neighborhood planning, the Department of Development helps encourage and guide the growth and development of this 21st Century City.

  • Department of Finance and Mangement

    The role of the Finance and Management Office is to protect and to enhance the fiscal integrity and efficient management of the city while promoting the Mayor's citywide program initiatives.

  • Department of Public Health

    The department is charged with assuring conditions in which people can be healthy. Columbus Public Health is made up of a range of programs providing clinical, environmental, health promotion, and population-based services.

  • Department of Public Safety

    The Department of Public Safety manages the operations for the divisions of Fire, Police and Support Services. The Support Services division is made up of three sections Communications, License and Weights & Measures.

  • Department of Public Service

    The Department of Public Service is provides transportation, parking, refuse collection, 311 service call center, mobility options, street and bridge infrastructure and road construction and traffic condition information services for the City of Columbus.

  • Department of Public Utilities

    The Department of Public Utilities provides power, water and sewer services for city residents and services.

  • Department of Recreation and Parks

    Parks, facilities, trails, programs, events, urban forestry, rentals and permits, COAA, golf, and oppertunities.

  • Department of Technology

    The Department of Technology is responsible for city-wide information technology management policy, procedures and standards, and for the development of uniform information resource management policies, principles and guidelines.

  • Division of Fire

    The Division of Fire provides prevention services inclusive of permits, inspections, plan review, fire records and outreach programs for house inspection, juvenile fire training, community relations, CPR training and safe house.

  • Division of Police

    Community interaction, crime information, crime prevention, crime stoppers / crime complaints, forms and publications, law enforcement training, recruitment and employment, red light camer information, services.

  • Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office
    The mission of the Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office is to promote the inclusiveness of minority and female owned businesses within the city's procurement process and to facilitate via race and gender neutral tools, the equitable awarding of contracts to minority and female business enterprises.
  • Human Resources Department

    Provides assistance, direction and support to City Departments to ensure consistency in the administration of collectively bargained agreements, and to promote organizational excellence through effective employee benefits and workforce development programming. The Department further strives to ensure that fair and equal treatment is provided to employees and applicants in an atmosphere which promotes diversity, quality customer service and professionalism.

  • Income Tax Division

    The Columbus Income Tax Division administers the income taxes for:Brice, Canal Winchester, Columbus, Groveport, Harrisburg, Marble Cliff, North Pickaway, County JEDD, Obetz. The Columbus Income Tax Division also administers the Hotel/Motel Excise Tax for the City of Columbus and Franklin County.

  • Office of Veterans Affairs

    The City of Columbus, Department of Veterans Affairs' main priority is to our City Employees and making sure their rights and benefits are being protected. We also sponsor an outreach program for military and veterans families called Operation Unity, assist with the local Flag Day ceremonies, Veterans Day, the annual Stand Down program, and provides assistance with referrals.

  • Parking Violations Bureau

    The Mobility Options Division and Parking Violations Bureau manage parking in the City to ensure reasonable access and turnover for residents and visitors.

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